Call for Presentations

The fifteenth annual R/Finance conference for applied finance using R will be held on May 19 and 20, 2023 in Chicago, IL, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The conference will cover topics including advanced risk tools, decentralized finance, econometrics, high-performance computing, market microstructure, portfolio management, and time series analysis. All will be discussed within the context of using R and other programming languages as primary tools for financial model development, portfolio construction, risk management, and trading.

From its humble Midwest beginnings, word of the conference spread among trading desks and universities, until it became the primary meeting for academics and practitioners interested in using R in quantitative finance. The conference has featured presentations from prominent academics and practitioners, and we anticipate another exciting line-up for 2023.

We invite you to submit complete papers in pdf format for consideration. We will also consider one-page abstracts (in txt or pdf format) although more complete papers are preferred. We welcome submissions for full talks (approximately 20 min.), abbreviated “lightning talks” (approx. 6 min.), as well as (1 hr.) pre-conference tutorials. (Scheduling considerations may require requested full talks moved to lightning). Both academic and practitioner proposals related to R are encouraged.

All slides will be made publicly available at conference time. Presenters are strongly encouraged to provide working R code to accompany the slides. Ideally, data sets should be made public for the purposes of reproducibility (though we realize this may be limited due to contracts with data vendors). Preference may be given to innovative research or presenters who have released R packages.

Limited financial assistance for conference admission may be available to presenters. As R/Finance is a volunteer open source effort from which organizers do not profit, resources are derived from registrations and sponsorship alone. Requests for financial assistance must be made at the time of submission, and the presenter should clearly communicate to us why assistance is being requested. We particularly welcome requests from underrepresented minorities in Quantitative Finance/STEM, and anyone researching under economic hardship.

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis with a final submission deadline of January 27, 2023. Submitters will be notified via email starting February 15, 2023 of acceptance and presentation length.

Additional details will be announced via the conference website as they become available. Information on previous years’ presenters and their presentations are also at the conference website. We will make a separate announcement when registration opens, in late March.

You can submit your proposal at