Code of Conduct

Organizers, speakers, registered participants, and sponsors of the R/Finance conference (henceforth “Participants”) are bound by UIC’s code of conduct, its nondiscrimination policy, and its photography/video policy.

In the case of a violation, Participants may be removed from the premises (without refund or recourse), blocked from communication with the organization, and barred from future events. When relevant, the proper authorities or organizations will be informed of inappropriate behavior.


Participants respect each other’s privacy. It is forbidden to systematically gather information on Participants, including (but not limited to) personal life, employer, professional position, political views, social media information, open source contributions, or pictures. We remind Participants in the EU (or with EU-located entities) that such action may violate the GDPR. Social media “outing” or “doxxing” of Participants is expressly forbidden and we remind Participants that such actions expose them to potential suit for libel, harassment, tortious interference and/or other legal violations.


Participants are receptive to constructive comment and criticism. The experiences and skill sets of other Participants contribute to the whole of our efforts. We ask Participants to be open and welcome anyone who wishes to take part in discussions and activities. We also ask Participants to be open and welcome diversity since the conference has always welcomed people of all genders, sexual orientations, identities, nationalities, religions, and races. We are proud to have had a diverse group of Participants, including people from every continent except Antarctica. (Antarctic Participants are also welcomed.) Our goal is to foster an environment where everyone can participate and make a difference.


Participants are respectful of others as well as their positions, skills, commitments, efforts, and backgrounds. They also respect the volunteer efforts that permeate the R community. In the case of disagreement, Participants are courteous in raising concerns. Participants should also respect private discussions and freedom of association: openness is not an invitation to pester, harass, or stalk others or disturb their privacy. Participants are attentive in communications, whether in person or online, and tactful when approaching differing views. Participants refrain from demeaning, intimidating, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.


Participants are considerate of their peers and fellow R/Finance participants. They are thoughtful when addressing the efforts of others, keeping in mind that work was often done simply for the benefit of the community.


This code of conduct is based on the Use of R in Official Statistics conference code of conduct.